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You will receive the instructions with the SIM card. Usually they are that you message us that you have received the sim card, we confirm if your order was regular service or for 1 month, we then activate the service accordingly.

AT&T uses LTE bands 2/4/5/12/17 & 30.

You may suspend the service for $35/month rate for a maximum of 2 months. After that we will be assigning the line to another customer.

AT&T Nighthawk (MR1100), Unite Explore, Unite Express 2, MOFI 4500 sim4. If you have another device please contact us and we can gladly check its compatibility with our service.

The service is directly through AT&T network, you will be using a line on our account. This is not a transfer of ownership of the line with AT&T, as long as your account is paid up, you can continue to use service for as long as you want.

We will never increase your price, we still have some customers who were early adopters and have been grandfathered into old pricing. We will only ever increase the price if AT&T changes the price for us. Last time they increased the price by $2.99, we absorbed the cost and not pass on to our customers. We have customers who signed up 2+ years ago and they still enjoy old pricing.

No, we don’t do contracts as we are against contracts and we really mean it.

We aim to provide the best customer service to our customers regardless of they are using for only 1 month or regular use. However, like any other business we do have fraud prevention and revenue assurance in place to ensure customers don’t abuse our autopay discount or file false chargebacks. If we deem necessary, we might ask for a deposit equal to one month of service rate. In very rare situations we might need to do credit check to confirm identity.

We can gladly try to process them but if they get declined, we might request you to send us your government issued valid photo id.

All our plans are for US only.

Yes, we have a few customers using it for WebEx calls and say it works great but again all depends on area you’re in and bandwidth capacity from AT&T.

We have some customers who use it for Gaming online using Xbox & PlayStation consoles. Gaming experience could vary with the game’s bandwidth needs. We recommend you get MiFi that supports carrier aggregation.

We recommend you getting MOFI4500 as it has ethernet ports and is compatible with all US major US carriers. For AT&T after MOFI4500, we recommend AT&T Nighthawk MiFi as that has carrier aggregation x4.

Our plans are only for data devices like Mobile hotspots or routers.

Static IP is available only on AT&T premium plan.

All our plans are not throttled. Excluding the AT&T Premium plan, all plans are subject to deprioritization if you are connected to congested tower. Speeds are slowed down temporarily and go back to normal when congestion is over, or you move to another area. The speeds during deprioritization vary with congestion. Most of our AT&T based customers use over 750GB with no deprioritization at all. If you want plan that is not subject to deprioritization even, then consider leasing our AT&T based premium plan.

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