This is the top of the line and has a new technology called carrier aggregation and with this, it will get the fastest speeds possible, better than anything else we offer. If you want the latest in technology, this is our first LTE Advanced router and you will be amazed at the speed and performance.

The SIM4 is the one you need for Canada, USA, UK and many other providers around the world and is currently the best router we offer.

  • 4G LTE Rugged Metal Enterprise Router with Embedded SIM for AT&T or T-Mobile including band 12
  • Verizon Sprint TMobile LTE2 LTE Advanced Cellular Modem
  • T-Mobile recommends using this router as this is the best and fastest product on T-Mobile
  • Fail Over, IP Pass through, Captive Port and more
  • Extended WiFi Range with build in Wireless Repeater Mode
  • Model: MOFI4500-4GXeLTE-SIM4
  • Shipping Weight: 2lbs
  • Manufactured by: MOFI NETWORK
  • MOFI4500-4GXeLTE-SIM4 V2 4G/LTE Router with Included SIM Card Slot
  • This router will work on all providers in North America and many around the world and fully certified with Verizon, Sprint, AT&T & TMobile