As a rural customer, we don’t have many options for internet. We had satellite for years but couldn’t stream or do video calls. We recently had a Verizon tower put in a few miles away and now get excellent signal, even without the external antenna / booster we had installed a few years ago. A few months ago we found unlimited internet from Verizon and felt like we finally entered the 21st Century! Then we lost it, as the plan was deprecated and Verizon wasn’t supporting it anymore and our provider got out of the business. Oh and did I mention this was during the quarantine and we were trying to work and do college from home? We limped along with a weak signal from AT&T and phone tethering for a month on a waiting list for Verizon service with another provider. Then they told us they weren’t providing it anymore! Fortunately we were able to find TechNowzi who was still in the business with Verizon. They expedited our SIM card, even shipping it faster than expected, and the service was activated flawlessly. Once again we have Real Internet and no longer have to coordinate our calls / conferences / and webcasts every day to be sure the most important one doesn’t fail. This is really a lifesaver!