Trucking Life Special


  • Unlimited Internet
  • Wireless High-Speed Internet
  • New SIM / BYOD SIM
  • BYOD Device. For device suggestions, please message us via chat or text and we will gladly guide you what device to buy

Unlimited 4G LTE Mobile Wifi Hotspot powered by AT&T’s robust network.

Use as much data as you want without worrying of any data caps or throttled speeds.

Plan is offered for $140/month (with Auto-pay) and you’ll be grandfathered into this price. Your price will not change as long as your payment is current.

Note: A month is defined as 30 days

For more details or question, please contact us and mention promo code TRUCKING LIFE.

  • No Data Cap – Unlimited 4G LTE Data for 30 days. No proration and no refunds once activated.
  • USA use only. Make sure you have AT&T signal (otherwise it will not work).
  • We do offer shipping to foreign countries via FedEx only and sim card must be purchased from our website to ensure compatibility so that when you arrive to the US, it works right away upon landing.
  • Unlimited LTE Data with No Fair Usage policy.
  • For data devices only, not for phones.
  • Speeds are 4G LTE with no throttling but as a disclosure the speed can be deprioritized during network congestion.