VoIP Phone Service – How It Works for Your Business

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    What is VoIP?

    A brief introduction to Voice over Internet Protocol.

    Voice over Internet Protocol refers to the technology that allows us to make and receive phone calls over the Internet in real time. It is a set of protocols working together to deliver internet telephony functions similar to regular phone lines or PSTN (public switched telephone network). The difference is that VoIP phone service provides flexibility and mobility that is not possible with traditional telephony. By delivering voice calling functions over internet connections, it allows anyone to use Voice over IP from anywhere via their laptops, desktops, or smart devices.

    Business VoIP lines

    • No on-site hardware needed

    • Quick and easy implementation
    • No commitment required
    • Updates and upgrdes are rolled out for free
    • 24/7 customer support is available to all clients
    • Manage the system on your own mobile device
    • Add, delete, or repurpose digital lines at will

    Regular landlines

    • Needs expensive hardware
    • Requires expensive and complicated installations

    • Requires long term contracts with early termination fees
    • Additional features requires additional fees
    • Premium customer support exclusive to premium clients
    • Maintenance has to be done by specialized manpower
    • Service change requests need lengthy process

    Why customers choose TechNowzi

    Easy and simple implementation

    Get TechNowzi rolled out to your whole organization in a day or less. Easily customize your phone system based on your business needs on your online account.

    Designed for Business

    Specifically made with businesses in mind. Advanced features like unlimited VoIP, conferencing, and team messaging are designed to improve communications and collaboration within organizations.

    Mobile VoIP-based phone system

    Use your business phone number to call, text, and fax from your mobile device instead of using your personal phone number. No need to be personally charged for calls done in behalf of the company.

    Secure VoIP transmissions

    TechNowzi employs high-level encryption and layers of authentication to protect all your business communications during transmission or while at rest.

    Award-winning customer support

    Get the support you need from day one. TechNowzi will assist you in setting up your phone system and provide you with technical support, consultations and best practice recommendations whenever you need it.

    Best value plans and pricing

    Get an industry-leading cloud communications solution at flexible plans and pricing. Get a single, all-inclusive bill with no hidden costs for additional features. And with no maintenance to worry about, you don’t have to hire special IT staff.